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Candy Shop Hours

beginning May 7th


1 pm - 8 pm

The C Shop Cafe is permanently closed.

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The C Shop

4825 Alderson Rd
Birch Bay, WA 98230

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What is the "C" in
The C Shop?


The "C" in C Shop stands for many things that start with "C" or rhyme with "sea".

We're a candy shop. We make carmelcorn, cotton candy, cheesecorn, carmel apples, chocolate, snow cones and marshmallow sea snakes. We also have coffee, cookies, and cinnamon rolls. In the front kitchen window, you can see our candymakers making your favorite treats in copper kettles by the sea.

How many more things can you think of that begin with "C" or rhyme with "sea"? Let us know the next time you see us!

For a more complete history of the name and how The C Shop came to be, see Patricia's story.


The C Shop Candy Shop opens May 7th!

The Candy Shop retail area is moving into the east end of the building. We will have cinnamon rolls, cookies, chocolates, carmel, candy, and all your other favorites that start with "C".

Oh and ice cream and milkshakes!

In order to maintain physical distancing and crew safety, entry will be through the east "cafe" door and exit through the west.

Masks are required, no inside seating. There will be some picnic tables at the creekside property.

No pizza or sandwiches. No espresso drinks.

The former candy retail space will be our new chocolate working room where you can watch as we hand dip candies. We're excited to have more space to make treats!

Online ordering for local pickup will return a week or so after we open.

The online store is temporarily closed while we rearrange the shop to better serve you.

After a year of suspended animation, we're finally preparing for our 50th summer season!

During our downtime, we crunched the numbers, reflected on how to best serve our customers, and made decisions on the changes we had to make in order to be sustainable for the future.
We are returning to our roots as a candy shop. We're excited to play in the kitchen again and looking forward to developing new sweet treats.

And don't worry, we will still have cinnamon rolls! :)

The Candy Shop retail will reopen in the east end (former cafe space).

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Don't worry! We won't share your email with anyone nor will we send out more than one email per week during our high season and much less the rest of the year.

C Shop

The Candy Shop has selected candies available online

We have some of our better shipping candies online. Please select the ice pack option if you are in a warm location and be advised that we won't ship chocolate in the summer. We can only ship to US addresses, but you can arrange to pick your items up at The Candy Shop if you're coming down from Canada. Just select the local pickup option on checkout and we'll send you an email when they're ready. If you do not pay for shipping, items will not be shipped.

"We'd highly recommend the C Shop for a yummy stop!" - Shekinah G., Salt Lake City, UT

C Shop Summer

The C Shop has something for everyone

From Jelly Belly beans to delicious truffles, homemade marshmallow sea snakes to hand-molded chocolates, snow cones to hard ice cream cones, and cotton candy to carmel apples, The C Shop Candy Shop most certainly has a sweet to suit all tastes. Enjoy your treat while you chat with the candymakers as he or she makes our homemade carmel and peanut brittle in a copper candy kettle, pops corn in the gas-fired popper, and whips marshmallow and divinity into shape. Learn about our fascinating antique candy-making equipment that is used to make all of our goodies and, if your timing is just right, there's often a sample of fudge making its way outside just for you.

The Alesses - C Shop Family

What are you waiting for? Come in and see us!

TheC Shop Whale Hop Candy Sign