The C Shop is "A Whale of a Place to Work!"

The C Shop has employed Whatcom County teens and adults since the '70's. Multiple generations for some families with a family tradition of a first job at the candy shop. Our intent is to set a standard with a fun work environment while learning new skills that will serve us through life.

We pride ourselves on being an inclusive, safe, and fun job for teens and adults. We have competitive wages, sick leave accrual, and flexible scheduling. We are always accepting applications!

You must have reliable transportation, availability on evenings, weekends, and holidays, and a willingness to work hard. We train all job duties unless otherwise specified. Job descriptions are in the application form.

C Shop Crew 2022
The C Shop Peanut Butter Yumms

Candy Clerk

FULL for 2024 - APPLY for 2025  Candy Clerks are our customer service all stars. In addition to building orders, scooping ice cream, and ringing up customers, you'll learn how to make snow cone syrup, cotton candy clouds, and package our homemade treats for retail sale.
14 - 15: $13.84/hr 16+: $16.28/hr min.

The C Shop Carmel Pillows

Clean Up Person

FULL for 2024 - APPLY for 2025  After everyone else leaves for the night, pop in your headphones and reset the shop for the next day. Sweep, vacuum, mop and take out the trash. Perfect for introverts that like their summer days free for fun. We like to have 2-3 clean up crew and double up on busy holidays and weekends.
$19.48/hr min. Must be 18+ and able to lift 50 lbs

The C Shop Peanut Brittle


FULL for 2024 - APPLY for 2025  Are early mornings more your jam? Bake our fluffy cinnamon rolls and cookies from scratch every morning. We like to have two bakers each summer. This position requires baking experience. Recipes will be trained.
$19.48/hr min. Must be 18+ and be able to lift 50 lbs

The C Shop Walnut Fudge


In addition to wages, tips, raises, and accrued sick leave, we give you break treats and a 25% employee discount! You'll also make new friends and learn how a small business operates.
Returning crew members gain additional experience as a shift lead PIC and some candy production work.

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