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Back to school time!

The Candy Shop
& Cafe are closed for winter!

Open for Easter sales 3/20-3/22 2pm-8pm 3/27-4/4 2pm-8pm

Annual Egg Hunt on 4/4 from 4pm-6pm


Open Spring weekends starting 5/8/2015

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The C Shop

4825 Alderson Rd
Birch Bay, WA 98230


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The C Shop Summertime Cafe & Candy Shop


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What is the "C" in
The C Shop?


The "C" in C Shop stands for many things that start with "C" or rhyme with "sea".

We're a candy shop and cafe. We make carmelcorn, cotton candy, cheesecorn, carmel apples, chocolate, snow cones and marshmallow sea snakes. We also have coffee, cookies, cheese pizza, and cinnamon rolls. In the front kitchen window, you can see our candymakers making your favorite treats in copper kettles by the sea.

How many more things can you think of that begin with "C" or rhyme with "sea"? Let us know the next time you see us!

For a more complete history of the name and how The C Shop came to be, see Patricia's story.


Easter is coming to The C Shop!

The Online Store and The Candy Shop will be open for Easter

Once we've gotten them made, we'll have some of our bunnies online! We can only ship to US addresses at this time, but our shop will be open March 20th - 22nd and March 27th - April 4th from 2pm-8pm for Easter bunny sales. This will make it easy to pick your items up at The Candy Shop. Just select the local pickup option on checkout.

Annual Egg Hunt on Saturday April 4th from 4pm-6pm!

We'll have a larger selection of molded Easter chocolates available in the store, but some of our bunnies will also find their way to some other retail locations around Whatcom and Skagit counties. We'll post a list of shops carrying our chocolates in early March.

However you get them, we hope one of our bunnies finds its way into your Easter basket or graces your Easter table.

C Shop Easter bunnies

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The Candy Shop and Cafe are closed for winter while we remodel and recuperate.

The C Shop

The C Shop has something for everyone

From Jelly Belly beans to elegant filled bonbons, homemade marshmallow sea snakes to hand-molded chocolates, snow cones to hard ice cream cones, and cotton candy to carmel apples, The C Shop Candy Shop most certainly has a sweet to suit all tastes. Enjoy your treat while you chat with the candymakers as he or she makes our homemade carmel and peanut brittle in a copper candy kettle, pops corn in the gas-fired popper, and whips marshmallow and divinity into shape. Learn about our fascinating antique candy-making equipment that is used to make all of our goodies and, if your timing is just right, there's often a sample of fudge making its way outside just for you.

If you're in the mood for something more substantial, The C Shop Cafe & Pizzeria is ready to take your order. In the morning, you might want one of our famous cinnamon rolls or sticky buns with a cup of fresh-brewed coffee. Our bakers are baking up something delicious every morning, and Patrick roasts 100% Colombian beans to his own exacting specifications several times a week. Lunch could be a deli sandwich made to order on our home-baked bread. Or try salad and homemade clam chowder on the side or for a lighter bite. You are saving room for an afternoon snack of a banana split, sundae, milk shake, malt or ice cream cone, aren't you? It's just what you want to cool off on a warm day at the beach.

Don't forget pizza! We've worked hard to refine our recipes for our homemade dough, sauce, and freshly grated cheese blend, and have carefully selected high quality toppings. Choose from our signature pies or have your own favorite combination.

The Alesses - C Shop Family

What are you waiting for? Come in and see us!

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